Expert Tips For Reducing Jet Lag

Expert Tips For Reducing Jet Lag

Are you always suffering from jet lag if you go to a new time zone? Well, it’s not pleasant at all and might even ruin your entire trip. Here are some useful tips to help you reduce jet lag the next time you’re traveling.

• Start by relaxing your schedule. If you know how to prepare yourself for a long flight, you can learn how to start your trip feeling fresh. If you have a tough schedule back home, you should relax it before taking the flight. With a strict routine of sleeping and eating, makes it hard for you to adjust to new time zones. If you’re flexible with these arrangements, your vacation trip abroad starts without a lot of struggles.

• Get a good night’s rest before your flight. When preparing for a long flight most people end up sleeping just for a few hours. It could be because they are excited about it or deliberately trying to get tired so they can sleep through the flight. Well, that’s the wrong way to do things. If you make any changes to your routine, it’s going to be harder to adjust to the new time zones accordingly. If you want to cope with the jet lag, you should get a good night’s sleep the day before your flight.

•Don’t arrive at night. You should choose a flight that reaches your destination during the day to make it easier for you to stay awake. When you get there, you will be more tempted to get out and explore the surroundings when the sun is still out. If possible, you should fly to time zones that use GMT to avoid excessive changes with the time zone.

• Spot the best planes that should help you beat jet lag. For instance, A380s and A350s are the most recommended. Planes with high quality humidification systems allow the air to retain moisture. Additionally, LED lighting systems that can create 16.7 million different shades of color allow the environment to stimulate natural phases of the day thus reducing your jet lag. Finally, planes with the best air purification system, especially one which renews the air every few minutes allows you to remain fresh throughout the entire flight.

• You should consider splitting up the trip. For instance, you can create a stopover for your flight allowing your body to adapt to the new routine accordingly. It’s also the best way to reduce the price of your airfare. Look through various comparison sites to find the best flights with the cheapest fares for stopovers. Note that, if there’s a long stopover, you should also consider your accommodation options to avoid being overcharged for a single night.

• Avoid taking alcohol before your flight. Most people love taking some tonic and gin before going on a long flight. Well, although it’s a good practice to calm down your nerves, you should avoid it. That’s because alcohol tends to cause dehydration and exhaustion thus making it hard to beat your jet lag.

• Avoid using any medications before your flight, especially sleeping medications. Yes, you might want to take a nap during the flight and sleeping pills might be the only option but they are not advisable. They will actually make your jet lag worse and when you reach your destination you will be feeling a bit fuzzy. Alternatively, you should consider taking hot beverages during the flight especially because hot water is one of the freebies you can enjoy during the flight.

• You should also avoid taking coffee during the flight. Beverages that contain caffeine such as cola, coffee or energy drinks are not good for you when you’re taking long flights. They will affect your ability to sleep and also increase the recovery time from the jet lag. Your body is in the perfect condition when it is hydrated. Therefore, if you’re feeling thirsty, you should consider taking lots of water to prevent a lot of jet lag.

• Set your watch when you’re on the plane. If you’re going to a different time zone, you should set your watch according to the destination. It’s a good way to become psychologically aligned before landing. Certainly, you don’t want to miss your flight because your time is still behind.

• Rather than sleeping off your jet lag, you should do a lot of exercises and move around. Your blood will keep flowing and rejuvenate your body. Good circulation is the best way to keep your body feeling fresh, especially after a long flight. Additionally, you should invest in clothes and socks that reduce any effects of being stuck in a pressurized flight the whole time. If possible, you should consider loose clothes on your flight for the best results.

Getting jet lag is no fun but with these tips, you can avoid it effortlessly and remain fresh.

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