How To Put Together The Perfect Holiday Travel Checklist

Travel should be fun. However, when you start missing various things you’ve forgotten to take with you, travel can easily make you miserable. You can avoid such situations by putting together a holiday travel checklist to follow during your preparations.

The first thing to consider is that type of holiday you prepare for. If you’re going to spend two weeks in an all-inclusive resort, you’re going to need a different checklist than in case of packing for a road trip or for a safari adventure. Either way, you’ll have to pack clothes, so make sure you add all clothing items to your checklist. Don’t forget sunglasses, socks, water shoes or whatever else you may think you’re going to need.

1. Travel Documents and Money

Travel documents and money should also be on your checklist. List your passport, your driver’s license, your flight tickets, your check-in slips, your bus reservations and other such stuff. Ideally, you should have all your travel documents in the same place, in order to have an easier time finding them when needed. When making the list, add cash, and debit or credit cards. Taking some cash with you is always a good idea, particularly when you travel to less developed countries or territories, where ATM machines aren’t always handy.

2. Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene Items and Accessories

Cosmetics, personal hygiene items and accessories are the next in line. List all of them, even though you don’t think overlooking them is possible. When you pack in a hurry, chances are you’re going to leave out one thing or two. A comprehensive checklist will help you take everything you need. If you go on a beach holiday, you should list sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses and after sun lotion. You’ll probably need all these things also when going on a hiking trip.

3. Medicines and Medical Devices

Medicines and medical devices should be on your list. If you suffer from a chronic disease and you have to take drugs, make sure you don’t forget them at home. If, for instance, you need hearing aids, chances are you won’t forget your device, but you should still add it to the list, in order to have the peace of mind that you’re going to pack it. When it comes to medicines, you should consider taking some common ones such as cold and flu remedies, antihistamines and anti-emetics. If you travel to countries with high risk of digestive troubles, you should also pack something against diarrhea. Sometimes, even the simple fact of changing the water may trigger such reactions, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ladies have to include menstrual hygiene items, even if the holiday is supposed to take place outside the risky period.

4. Specialty Items

Specialty items are yet another important point on any holiday travel checklist. List snorkels, swimming suits, photo and video cameras, flip-flops, running shoes, hiking gear and anything else that suits the type of holiday you pack for. If you have electronic equipment, consider listing also spare batteries and memory cards. If you enjoy reading, add your e-book reader or real books, if you prefer.

5. Electronic Adapters

For electronic devices that require charging, add the charger, as well. Beware, if you travel to countries that don’t use the same power outlets type as you have at home, you’ll need to add proper adapters. It’s probably a good idea to purchase some universal adapters to suit multiple plug types.

6. Hand Luggage

In case of flying with hand luggage only, you should make sure you observe the list of forbidden items. You shouldn’t pack scissors and army knives, as you’re going to be left without them at the check-in. Moreover, you’ll need to make sure your liquids are all in small bottles. If this isn’t possible, you may have to buy some of this stuff at your destination.

Your holiday travel checklist should also include things you need to do or take care of before you go. If you need to buy cat food, to inform your family about your departure or to go to your bank, adding them to your checklist will help you stay organized and plan your time better. This section should also include various actions such as cutting the water supply and the electricity, watering the plants, taking out the garbage, and locking all windows and doors. If you intend to make special arrangements to get to the airport or to the departure point, make this a special item on your checklist, so that you can do it in time.

This is how to put together the perfect holiday travel checklist. The more details you include, the easier it’s going to be to pack your bags when the time comes. You may even want to save the blueprint of your checklist in a spreadsheet, so that you can use it for all your future holiday travels. This will help you be more relaxed even when packing your bags under the pressure of a very tight deadline.

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