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Birding and Beaches: Costa Rica Birdwatching Tour

Birding and Beaches: Costa Rica Birdwatching Tour Many birdwatchers think that in order to visit a destination and find many new species to add to their life bird lists, they will need to trudge for miles and miles through swamps, forests, jungles, and muddy trails. Costa Rica is such a special place for bird watching […]

best time for birding costa rica

Best Time of Year for Birding in Costa Rica

When is The Best time of Year for Birding in Costa Rica? One of the great things about bird watching in Costa Rica is that every month is a great month for bird watching. With so many different micro-climates, avid bird watchers can find a great spot all year ‘round. Here is a quick guide […]

winter bird migration costa rica

Winter Bird Migration in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Waits for Its Winged Visitors to Arrive Definitely one of the most amazing events of Mother Nature is bird migration. After the Autumn Equinox on September 21rst, the northern hemisphere starts tilting away from the sun, literarily by the minute the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. The birds know. […]

Hunt for the Harpy Eagle costa rica

Hunt for the Harpy Eagle

Hunt for the Harpy Eagle Darien Jungle, Panama March 2018 Most bird watchers (Including me) have a few species on their “most-wanted” lists.  Those elusive birds that we’ve been looking for, for years.  We imagine the number of times we passed by them, hidden on the trail, unseen.  One of my most wanted species was […]

birds of costa rica books

Best Books – Birds of Costa Rica

Six Costa Rica Book Recommendations Have you bought the best “Birds of Costa Rica” book for your bird watching tour? or do you know which books to buy for your trip in the country? As your trip to Costa Rica approaches you may be thinking about which books you should be reading or bringing with you on […]

Costa Rica Birding Hotspots

The Best Costa Rica Birding Hotspots

Top Three Costa Rica Birding Hotspots Do you know the best Costa Rica birding hotpots? Imagine a 7-night birding trip to a small country that is just 288 miles long and 170 miles wide and imagine seeing 400 plus birds in those seven nights. This is birding in Costa Rica. With twelve climate zones and a wide […]

costa rica birding spots

Costa Rica Birding

The Top Costa Rica Birding Spots Explore the prime Costa Rica birding ecosystems during your vacations. Discover hundreds of bird species. The country offers some significant bird species such as Jabiru, Scarlet Macaw, Toucans, Sunbittern, Great Green Macaw, Resplendent Quetzal and many more for the enthusiastic birders. Whether highlands (cloud forest) or Caribbean lowlands (rainforests), humid tropical forests […]

Costa Rica Bird Watching Tips

Costa Rica Bird Watching

5 Costa Rica Bird Watching Tips for an Adventurous Trip Costa Rica Bird Watching is a common activity for foreigners that come to this beautiful country. Costa Rica has several exotic varieties of bird that attract thousands of explorers to come to the country. It has diverse geography and ideal climatic conditions. These are not [...]
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