Top 7 Tips For Dealing With Airport Security

Top 7 Tips For Dealing With Airport Security

Traveling is one of the most exciting things to do. However, many people dread going to the airport because they don’t enjoy the check-in process and going through airport security. To make people’s journeys easier, we at have put together a short list of the top tips for dealing with airport security.

1. Get To The Airport Early

Do not be one of those people who get to the airport just as your flight is about to leave. This will just create a bunch of stress for you and the truth is you never know how fast or slow it will be going through security. Showing up shortly before your flight is due to depart is too risky.

Many airlines tell you to show up at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight is due to depart. However, if you’re catching an international flight, then consider arriving 3-4 hours early. This should give you plenty of time to get through security, check your bags in and anything else you may need to do, such as eat, go to the bathroom, relax for a bit and so forth.

2. Proper Identification

Make sure you bring proper identification with you, such as a driver’s license or a passport. State ID cards, military ID cards and other state level identifications should be acceptable. However, IDs issued by a school or a private employer are not proper forms of identification.

If you’re not sure what kind of ID you should bring, contact your airline or get a passport. A passport can be used in other countries too. Always double check that you have your ID before going through airport security because the last thing you want is to be turned away due to not having proper identification.

3. Avoid The Ticket Counter

A lot of people spend much of their time at the airport at the ticket counter. You can easily spend 30 minutes or more in line. This can make people anxious because they think they won’t have enough time to go through airport security so they can catch their flight.

You should check in online, so you can avoid the ticket counter altogether. Only use the ticket counter if it is absolutely necessary. Also, try to avoid items that you have to check in. If possible, send your luggage via a shipping service because this can save you a lot of time.

4. Print Your Tickets Out

These days, you can usually print out your tickets before you even go to the airport. A boarding pass might also be able to be printed. You want to do this because it will allow you to save a considerable amount of time by skipping the ticket counters.

Most airports have electronic kiosks that allow you to print your tickets. Use them instead of the ticket counters. Once you have your ticket or boarding pass, you’ll be able to go straight to your gate. The sooner you print your ticket, the better.

5. Clean Your Bags Out

So many people go through airport security with bags that they forgot to clean out. They are surprised when they have to spend more time at security checkpoints when they are waiting for their bags to be cleared. It’s a good idea to clean your bags before going to the airport.

There are certain items that aren’t allowed to be brought onto the plane, so check your bags for prohibited items. It may take a bit of time to clean out your bags, but it’s important to do it. The last thing you want is for an embarrassing situation to happen when you are going through airport security.

6. Be Prepared To Be Screened

The screening process can go far more smoother when you are prepared. For example, don’t over-pack your bags because you want security to have an easy time searching them. Also, you should keep your ticket out and your photo ID, and wear shoes that can easily be taken off and put on. Remember, computer devices and mobile phones have to be taken out of their bags, so be prepared to do that by making your devices easy to access and easy to remove from their bags.

7. Be Polite

Do not be rude to security officials at the airport because this can make things harder than necessary. You might be subjected to additional procedures if you have a bad attitude because this may come off as suspicious. Be polite at all times and maintain a positive attitude because this can go a long way.

Those are our top tips for dealing with security at the airport. Dealing with airport security can be a lot easier and things can go smoothly with the above tips. The next time you have to go to the airport, make sure you reread this article.

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