Airplane Etiquette – Things To Keep In Mind Whenever You Fly

Airplane Etiquette

Most individuals fly. Some do not do it very often, and there are some who are terrified of heights and wouldn’t even climb a ladder, let alone sail through the sky at 30,000 feet. However, for the typical people who are willing to get on a plane and jet off for business or pleasure purposes, flying has become a norm that they do not really think about it anymore. This is unfortunate because it’s the lack of thought that leads to failure in observing proper etiquette when they board a plane. That said, here are some of the things you should keep in mind every time you take a trip on a plane.

Consider The Following Airplane Etiquette:

  • Your space is yours, and the space for the person next to you is theirs. Stay out of it. That means keeping your knees, elbows and any protruding body part to yourself and not spread so much that you actually touch the next person.

  • If the person next to you is friendly, talk to him or her. If not, then shut up. Not every person is willing to make new friends just because they happen to be sitting next to you for a couple of hours.

  • You might be a hardcore hip-hop or rock music fan, but the person sitting next to you may not. Turn down the volume of your MP3 player or better yet, carry a pair of headphones and enjoy your music while others listen to whatever they want.

  • Do not bring a giant, map, newspaper, kite, or basically anything that will impinge upon the space of the person sitting next to you.

  • If you use the bathroom a lot, sit on the aisle and not by the window. This will minimize disturbance. Ideally, if you’re sitting on the aisle, do not hang across the person next to you to glance out the window. If you really wanted to see the ground from that height, you should have asked for a window seat prior to booking the ticket.

  • This might seem obvious but always shower before boarding the plane. No one wants to sit next to a stinky person, particularly in tight places with recirculated air. Also, please refrain from removing your shoes and socks. No one wants to smell your feet either.

  • Do not expect small kids to remain silent and content for an 8-hour flight. However, if you are a parent or a person responsible for the kids, make some effort to keep them from yelling at the top of their lungs and kicking the seats in front of them. It can be very annoying for the people who have to keep up with the behavior and just portrays poor parenting.

  • So, the person next to you is reading the hot new novel that all your friends are talking about. Despite the interest, refrain from eyeballing over their shoulder. They bought to read it and not have you looking at it after every ten minutes.

  • The food and some of the beverages served on the plane tend to be hot. Do not yank off the foil and throw them to the person seated next to you. They have not done anything to deserve it, and if they have, it is still considered rude.

  • Be conscious of how you dress. If you are a busty lady wearing a tight low cut shirt, the person seated next to you will undoubtedly stare. If you are a huge fat man wearing a tank top and short shorts, you are going to attract more than average stares. The last thing you want in an eight-hour trip is people staring at you. So, consider covering up a bit. Be courteous; other people have eyeballs as well.

  • It can be tempting to play with the window shade but avoid doing so. Either open it or keep it closed. The person next to you doesn’t want to keep getting blinded or distracted because you are constantly flicking the shade up and down.

  • If the aisle dwelling passenger is sleeping and you want to go to the bathroom, do not attempt to climb over them. Pat him or her gently and say excuse to pass. Sure, you don’t want to wake them up, but they might get straddled when they wake up and find you trying to climb over them.

  • Do not be a diva. No matter what your friends or parents might have said, you are not better than everyone else, and you do not deserve special treatment unless you are flying in a private jet. Demanding isn’t going to get you what you want, and you certainly won’t make any friends during the trip.

Finally, just know that you’ll eventually get off the plane. You do not have to stand up right after the plane comes to a halt, particularly if you’re in the back row. Just be patient and let the people in front get off the plane first.

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