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Costa Rica Focus designs bird watching tours to all the top birding destinations in Costa Rica.  We work with the best birding lodges and hotels, provide all your transportation, and arrange fully guided or unguided tours. We use our expert knowledge and local experience to create the perfect birdwatching tour for you. If your focus is more about romance, family adventure,  or general interest we can help you with that too.

Costa Rica: Birding in Luxury

Costa Rica Birding Luxury 2018

Days: 10

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Costa Rica: Birding Highlights Tour

Costa Rica Birding Highlights tour 2018

Days: 10

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Costa Rica: “Birding * Northern Mountains”

Costa Rica Birding Northern Mountains

Days: 9

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Costa Rica: Birding “Intro to Costa Rica”

intro costa rica birding tour 2018

Days: 10

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Costa Rica: Birding Blast Tour

costa rica birding blast tours

Days: 10

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Costa Rica: Grand Birding Expedition

costa rica grand birding expedition

Days: 10

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Costa Rica: Biological Stations; Birding Adventure

Costa Rica Birding Adventure

Days: 10

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Costa Rica Destinations

tours costa rica destinations

Days: 10

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Hunt for the Harpy Tour (2019, Panama)

harpy eagle tour panama

Guaranteed Departure

Days: 8

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Birding Tour Agency

Choosing your birding vacation in Costa Rica can be as tough as counting species in a mixed flock. Lots of companies, lots of choices. We want you to travel the way you want to travel. It’s your birding adventure and we’re your personal Costa Rica bird guides, helping you maneuver through all the information and choices that will come your way as you begin researching your Costa Rica birdwatching vacation.

It’s easy for us to relate to your travel needs because we’ve traveled just like you have. We’ve carried birding binoculars, spotting scopes, and extra hiking boots. We’ve stayed in simple lodges, with no electricity but the birds of Costa Rica, OH THE BIRDS and in elegant luxurious suites overlooking lush gardens, and the birds, OH THE BIRDS.  We live here in Costa Rica, the bird watcher’s paradise and as avid bird watchers ourselves, we can guide you to the best birding spots in Costa Rica.

Eighteen years ago, Costa Rica Focus was conceived. The core idea was formed; a friendly travel planning service, from local experts who live, work and play in the destinations we promote to our customers.

Whether you’re looking for an intense birding adventure, life list in hand, or just want to be immersed in the sights and sounds of Costa Rica (or Central America), Costa Rica Focus is here to help.

Let’s talk about your Costa Rica birding vacation!

What Clients Say About Our Bird Watching Tours

birding tours reviews

Just the thought of birding Costa Rica with Rudy puts a smile on my face. My husband and I traveled with him in 2012 and 2013. I can remember chasing the call of a Black Hawk-eagle from across the valley - minutes later we were standing yards away from this majestic bird. And yes, Rudy got the picture for me. I had the opportunity to join a group to return to Costa Rica last year with Rudy. He emailed and thought we all would be a good fit. In 24 hours my flight was booked. Rudy is a true Renaissance man. On route to the birds you will hear history of your location, know the names of flowers and perhaps, how his mother used them medicinally. Best of all is the laughter and kindnesses and the hundreds of birds! Joan Borreli Zamora uses her expertise and experience to select lodging that is unique clean and affordable. Having taken 3 trips so far it is a pleasure to anticipate where I will find myself next. Thank you both.

Mary Brenner

My husband and I traveled to Costa Rica for the first time in 2017 on a birding trip with friends. Rudy was our birding guide​. We were new to the entire experience while others were well educated and experienced. Rudy adapted effortlessly. His accumulated knowledge as a naturalist and lifetime of experience allowed him to make us feel comfortable, while also feeding my keen interest in Costa Rican flora along the way. Thank you, Rudy!

Debby Kowit

I consider ourselves pretty well traveled, taking many trips some self-guided and some not. That said, we've seen quite a few guides over the years. If you have a desire to visit and learn about Costa Rica, the country and it's inhabitants, I recommend, without hesitation, Costa Rica Focus with Rudy Zamora to be your guide. Besides his attention to the details of planning an inspiring, exciting vacation, his knowledge of just about anything nature related is exceptional. You can tell he loves his work by how he is always teaching his guests about the birds of Costa Rica, plants, animals and such that are seen along the way. And stories, Rudy always has great stories to keep you engaged. Rudy has taken us to The Osa Peninsula and hiked through the Corcovado National Park, up to Savegre to see a variety of beautiful birds especially the hummingbirds. One trip was to the Caribbean side to Selva Bananito and up to Arenal Lodge. Although it rained most of that week, we didn't lose a beat with all the things to see and do in Costa Rica. Another trip took us to Nicoya Peninsula, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific. Awe-inspiring hikes and amazing wildlife observations are just a few of the memorable events in store for you and your fellow adventurers when you travel with Costa Rica Focus.

Carol & Joe Voicheck

I first met Rudy Zamora on a bird watching trip to Costa Rica sponsored by the Morris Arboretum in February 2010. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of his country’s culture, history and of course, birds. As a guide, he was simply amazing! We spotted over 200 species of birds as well as countless mammals and plant species but most importantly, Rudy made every single person in our group feel welcome and special. It was the most amazing week of my life. Since that time, I have been back to Costa Rica 7 times, and have led 4 of my own bird watching groups down to Costa Rica with Rudy as our birding guide. His humor, compassion, knowledge, and love of the natural world draws people in and allows them to experience their own “trip of a lifetime.” I have nothing but praise for Rudy and his company and can say without hesitation that you will never be disappointed.

Gretchen Dowling

Rudy is the best birding guide we have ever had on any of our birding trips. No one surpasses his knowledge of the natural environment, wildlife, and birds of Costa Rica. But even more, Rudy is a wonderful person. He is friendly and cares deeply about the people he leads on his trips, accommodating their every need. We have been so impressed with Rudy’s abilities that we have gone on four Costa Rican birding trips with him. He is also an excellent pianist and will play for you if you happen to be staying in a lodge where there is a piano such as at Monte Verde.  

Ann and Mac Scott - Pennsylvania

I have been on 3 guided bird tours in Costa Rica (2014, 2015 and 2017), guided by Rudy Zamora of Costa Rica Focus and I only have full confidence and praise for him. Whenever I speak about my birding adventures to Costa Rica, I ALWAYS advise any interested parties to contact Rudy for a truly wonderful wildlife experience. Not only is Rudy exceedingly competent to find the birds, identify them by sight and sound, talk about their habitat and life cycles, but he can also talk about the ecology of the rainforest or cloud forests or grasslands, plants, other wildlife, culture, history, astronomy… I consider him a true Renaissance Man. Rudy’s enthusiasm is contagious and excites us all on his safaris with our latest discoveries. He is also a perfect gentleman and a pleasure to call an amigo as well as a guide.  

Mr. Stan Lupo - Pennsylvania

Hunt for the Harpy Eagle costa rica

August 10, 2018

Hunt for the Harpy Eagle